Vertical Horizon releases iOS app Calendar Converter
for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

We are proud to introduce our first iOS app. Calendar Converter is an app that allows you to quickly find a date in the Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, French Republican or Islamic calendar and have the corresponding date in the other calendars.

For more info go to the Calendar Converter website.

The app is available on the App Store for $0.99 USD

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Vertical Horizon releases new version of its family tree application
MyBlood 1.3

New version brings a Person list, online help, web search and additional ways to easily navigate through the application

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Family tree application MyBlood is built using REAL Studio, a cross-platform development tool RAD set-up and cross-platform capabilities make REAL Studio development environment of choice for Vertical Horizon

"Looking at the MyBlood code base it is fair to say that less than 1% of the code needs changes to allow the application to run flawlessly on the different platforms and this without jeopardizing platform specific items..."

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Vertical Horizon releases update of its family tree application MyBlood 1.2
New version brings advanced web export and bulk of usability

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MyBlood 1.1 is reviewed in Clickx Magazine
The clear and user-friendly interface of MyBlood and it's media-rich environment are praised in the article.

In Clickx Magazine nr. 211 a comparison between several genealogy applications was conducted. The article gives MyBlood an 8/10 score and MyBlood is listed as one of the top applications.

Clickx-Magazine ( Clickx nr. 211 - 16 feb 2010 )




Vertical Horizon launches its family tree application MyBlood 1.0
State of the art genealogy software hits the market after condensed development process and thorough Beta testing

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Beta 3 release of the genealogy software MyBlood highly praised in Canadian Apple user group Magazine ’Double Click’ Cross platform capabilities called unique selling point in Genealogy application market

Lafontaine concludes: ”I was impressed with MyBlood program from the beginning. Installation was easy.
The program is visually pleasing while not being confusing. Screen layouts are not cluttered. The use of color is effective and not harsh. Users who are more familiar using highly text oriented programs will find navigating in MyBlood is quite friendly. The program runs very well.

Read the Press Release here - Double Click Newsletter - MaUsE




MyBlood Beta 2 well received in Ancestors Magazine review

James Taylor gives his comments and opinion on the Beta 2 release of the MyBlood application.
He concludes: “MyBlood looks as if it's shaping up to be an all-round user-friendly rival to the established mainstream competition (...) as it joins the mainstream and begins the gradual convergence that overtakes them all”

Read the Press Release here - Ancestors Magazine


About MyBlood
MyBlood is a genealogy application that targets every level of genealogists. It delivers simple views but deep insights on complex genealogy data, by combining relational database technology under the hoot with superior visualization on the outside.
MyBlood supports multiple languages and comes with a separate program to easily add your own translations and languages if required. MyBlood runs in the exact same way on the PC (XP or Vista) as it does on a Mac (OS X). With full support for the international GEDCOM format, it produces highly portable data sets avoiding any vendor lock in. With out of the box integration with Google Maps for ‘places’ and ‘locations’ it allows to visualize moves, travels, emigrations or any other kind of movements in your family history in an unprecedented way.
MyBlood will also bring a more natural way of working with any kind of media file like tagging people on pictures like many social network sites tend to do nowadays.

About Vertical Horizon
Vertical Horizon is an independent, Belgium based, start-up company that brings together the power of personal computing with in depth knowledge of genealogy. This resulted in the development of MyBlood, a state of the art genealogy application.

Vertical Horizon was started by seasoned and experienced IT professionals with a passion for genealogy. The Antwerp based company is owned and financed by its management team.

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