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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. Is MyBlood available for PC and Mac?


Windows XP SP2 (or higher)
Windows Vista SP1 (or higher)
Windows 7

Mac OS X (10.4 or higher), Intel & PowerPC Processor

Memory 512MB (min.), 1GB (recommended)
Disk Space 200MB
Screen size 1024 x 786 pixels (min.)

2. Will MyBlood import my data from Family Tree Maker or other genealogy programs?
Yes. MyBlood supports the GEDCOM 5.5 and 5.5.1 file format. You will have to export the data form your program to GEDCOM first.
Go to the documentation page to see how.

3. What is the newest version of MyBlood?
The current version is MyBlood 1.31

4. Is there a trial version?
There will is trial version available. You can download the application itself. It is limited in the sense that you are allowed to startup 15 times, after which you have to register.

5. Does MyBlood come with a manual?
Yes. There is a User Manual. You can find the latest version of the User Manual in the documentation section.
There are also Video Tutorials available in this section.

6. If I need help, how do I contact MyBlood?
You can post a question on the online-forum. MyBlood checks daily to see if questions are posted. Other users can also answer your questions.
You look at the known problems page to see if the problem is known and what work-around my be available.
You can send an email to with your question. MyBlood will prefer to answer questions on the forum, so that others can also benifit from it.

7. Where can I buy MyBlood?
Currently MyBlood can only be purchased online. PayPal can be used to buy MyBlood. You will get the License Key of MyBlood within 24 hours. If you want another payment method, please contact us at

8. How much does MyBlood cost?
You find the current price of MyBlood in the Store.

9. Is MyBlood easy to use?

Yes. There has gone a lot of effort in making MyBlood easy to use. Throughout the program the same rules and ways of presentation are use to have a consistent look and feel.

10. Do you offer a "competitive upgrade" from other programs?

11. Can I define my own fields?
Not Yet. MyBlood does support all GEDCOM elements which is more than most program.

12. Can MyBlood be translated into other languages?
Yes. MyBlood comes with the FREE MyBlood Translator Tool. You can completely translate MyBlood or Modify an existing language file. MyBlood encourages people to share their language files, and will put them on the MyBlood web-site and forum for further use.

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