MyBlood at a lower price!
12 Sep 2010
Hello everybody. Today we lowered the price of MyBlood from $59.95 to $49.95.
The price difference for family tree applications on the Mac and PC is considerable. On the Mac $59.95 would not be considered that expensive (Reunion is around $100); on the PC side it seems to be relatively expensive.
That's why we lowered our price to the more acceptable $49.95 for PC users.

MyBlood 1.3.1 Release
6 Aug 2010
MyBlood 1.3.1 is available for download.
This version brings a few
bug fixes.

MyBlood 1.3 Release
30 Jul 2010
MyBlood 1.3 is available for download. This version
introduces a "Person list" that is available all the times to improve navigation. Online help is now available to explain all the features of MyBlood. A new task utility is introduced together with web seach and other features. You can read the press release here.

Family tree application MyBlood is built using REAL Studio,
a cross-platform development tool

27 Apr 2010
RAD set-up and cross-platform capabilities make REAL Studio development environment of choice for Vertical Horizon.
Readthe press release.

MyBlood 1.2.1 Release
11 Apr 2010
MyBlood 1.2.1 is available for download. This version brings a few
bug fixes.

MyBlood 1.2 Release
2 Apr 2010
MyBlood 1.2 is available for download. This version
extends the web-export functionality including a set of themes. You can also customize the layout using your own CSS layout. GEDCOM import and export is improved and extended. Picasa is the first social network with direct integratin into MyBlood, allowing you to upload images from within MyBlood.
You can read the press release here.

MyBlood 1.1 Release
4 Jan 2010
MyBlood 1.1 is available for download. It brings PowerPC support for Mac users which was dropped in the beta fase, but also a new Calendar window and visualization of the events linked to media together with better Google Maps support for Places.

MyBlood 1.03 Release
8 Dec 2009
MyBlood 1.03 is available for download. It brings a few GEDCOM files bugfixes, but also adds extra backup and Places (Google Map) functionality.

MyBlood 1.02 Release
1 Dec 2009
MyBlood 1.02 is available for download. It fixes some crashes when importing GEDCOM files.

MyBlood 1.01 Release
30 Nov 2009
MyBlood 1.01 is available for download. This version also brings you a revamped Translator tool, with integrate Google translation and a find function to easier find text to translate.

MyBlood 1.0 Release

23 Nov 2009
MyBlood 1.0 full release is available for download. You can also download and use it as a TRIAL version (You can startup 15 times after which you have to regsiter).
The 1.0 release is good for 38 bug fixes, 21 improvements and 40 new features or additions, plus a lot of small tweaks we don't even talk about.
MyBlood brings a lot of extra reports and fine-tuning over all features.
For details, please read the Release Note.
For the Press Release please go to the Press page.

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