Done, the human to do app.

Why is this app different?
This app gets all the noise out of the way. You do the tasks you need to do today, and move all the other stuff away. You only manage tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How is it different?
You don't have tasks with a due date in the past. They need to be done today, or are not important, or can maybe be done next week... You move the tasks accordingly. No need to change it to a specific date. Just move it to the next workday, week ...

What does this mean?
You set a daily, weekly and monthly review moment to move the tasks to the appropriate period. You set up the days you work on a project, so that when you move a task to the next day, it is the next workday for that project.

Click on the arrow to move a task.

image 1

All tasks that needed to be done in the past have to be cleaned up.
You can move all tasks to today, or you can move them to somewhere else (of check them of as completed)

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Modify a task. Add info. Assign to a project. Setup a project.

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Set the daily, weekly and monthly review moments. Set the defaults.

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