Genea is your personal genealogy notebook, specifically written for genealogist.

Genea allows you to keep your notes organised and separated from your own family tree. When you find a family connection, you can easily export the note to import the information in your family tree.

• Create notes by taking pictures or writing down your findings
• Organise your notes in notebooks
• Add events like birth, marriage or immigration to your notes, and link people to the events
• Share your notes on social media
• Export your note with the linked events and people as a gedcom-file for use in your favourite family tree app
• Search on notes, events or people to quickly find possible family members and events

start light Start page of genea.

• Go to the settings to define which gedcom tags you want to see
• Go to the settings to manage your notebooks
• Go to the settings to setup the gedcom publisher info

• Look at all notes
• Look at all events over all notes
• Look at all people over all events

• Add a notebook with the + icon
• Delete a notebook by swiping the notebook to the left
• Look at all notes in the notebook

Genea supports iOS and dark mode